Help raise money for a solar power plant!

Zdravsvuyte all!
Help me raise (for me an unbelievable amount) money for buying a solar power plant, for a private house!
I live in the village of Ukrainian outback, where there is often no electricity. for various reasons, I want to establish my own power plant, and be independent of the electricity companies, and the development of environmental sources of energy, it seems to me right, because the planet we have one and it must be protected!
The solar power station in Ukraine costs about 45,000 dollars!
And with our salaries of 3200 UAH, this is 30 years to get together!
I already have 4,500 dollars, collected for 2 years, and for years I would like to ask the kind people for help, because there were good people on earth who can help me!
I ask a big apology for my English!
And many thanks to those who respond to my request!
Sincerely, Irina!
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Created Sep 12, 2017 Ukraine

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