i have a shop room with 170 sq ft of floor area,on rental basis, in my home town KELAKAM in INDIA. i have been appointed as a franchisee for a reputed kerala based firm engaged in the production of sidha/ayurveda medicines, which is a proven way of highly effective treatment for almost all the ailments, as you may be aware. besides selling the products, they are providing clinical facility also, with the help of efficient doctors. apart from business profits it aims social service also.

nowadays people are well aware and confident about this particular type of treatment. hence it is clear that the proposed business is a highly feasible one.

i am hailing from a very poor family. my family consists only 3members ie., myself
,mywife and our only son aged 20, who is on his college studies.

to start the business i am in need of some more funds amounting to Rs 220000 [$3425]around, for which i didn't find a way other than seeking you kind ones mercy. so i request all the dear ones to help me to attain this goal for earning our livelihood.

i hope that our good lord will help us to open up a way to go ahead in life.
may the good lord bless us all abundantly.
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Created May 01, 2017 KELAKAM KERALA INDIA

$26 of $3,425 goal

1% Raised by 2 Donations Business